Individual rights matter

All the talk of big government as benefactor seems to be catching on with the nation, but this survey shows that people still value individual liberty over big brother type government. What people may not recognize are the Orwellian terms that play on sympathies and draw people into the social engineering agenda.

Republicans do not favor rich over poor -they favor free markets that cause the economy to grow. It cannot grow with chains of regulation strapped to it’s back placed there by people who don’t understand how to run a business.


What is the great divide among US voters?

Some politicians will tell you the divide is about women’s rights, others say it’s about race wars, and still others will tell you it’s all about the stubborn GOP who won’t cooperate with the Democrats in the Senate.  Who’s pushing the rhetoric and whose creative half-truths are creating a divide in the nation?

The economy is ready to go over the cliff, and all MSM can talk about are social issues. What happens when China cuts up our credit card? Do you think they will support our glutenous spending forever? Seriously?

Iran is ready to build a nuclear war head, but we’re concerned with free contraception for women. We don’t care if they are Princeton grads making 100K per year, if they’re female, give them contraceptives.

Social issues matter. The nation’s poor need help, but they also need a leg up more than a sure-fire entitlement check.

More than that, the economic engine needs to start up and people need to get back to work.  Take a look at your own State. How is it doing? Mine is doing very poorly weighed down by the public pensions the State cannot afford to pay.

Some truth exists in all these issues but we need to parse them and understand how one depends upon another. The political spin is on and the nation is more divided than some of us have ever seen it.

Someone forgot to tell Michelle Obama, that her husband is not deity and some of us are still very much in the dark with the spending – especially spending on failed businesses. We’ll have to take a look at them all and see why we thought they were good prospects. We know Solyndra was NOT .

A long road ahead and there is no vision around the bend in the road. Image

Hello readers

A long road ahead and there is no vision around the bend in the road.

Welcome to my new blogpile. We’re a conservative blog and  exist to   keep you informed on news and commentary that MSM might choose not  to cover sometimes.  Also we’d like to add a little entertainment along the way with other entries such as articles, humor, cartoons and even food ideas when we find something special or weird that you might want to read about when your eyes glaze over from the heated rhetoric of the political world.

There are no paid bloggers on hand here, but we’ll have guest bloggers willing to share their thoughts on a number of topics and issues.

The world seems upside down sometimes with all that is going on with the economy, social issues, gender wars, and the unrest that still pervades the Middle East. How do we put it all into perspective? It’s not easy, but I have some ideas that will take shape in the coming days and weeks.

Until then, climb aboard. Welcome.