Much Ado about Something Cherokee

It would make me very happy to see Elizabeth Warren defeated in her bid for Senate in Massachusetts.

But to be honest, the story about her claiming to be Native American is nothing more than a big distraction. Oklahoma was Indian Territory until 1907 when it became a State. My own grandparents X2 walked the Trail of Tears in the mid 1800s. All of them survived and were counted in the Dawes census and given roll numbers, along with blood quantum. The CDIB card or Certificate Degree of Indian Blood remains a requirement of proof of heritage and to this day the card is required for membership in the Cherokee Tribal Nation.  Some Cherokee were left off the census.

However, I claimed my Cherokee heritage most of my life without a problem. It wasn’t a problem because the Dawes Roll numbers were handed down through my family (both sides) and accepted as proof. Later, I obtained both CDIB card and Tribal membership using the roll numbers and family lineage as proof.

The people crying for her “scalp” should think about the battle they’re waging; Here’s why – when it starts becoming  a narrative of “us and them” which it always seems to, people are going to be divided even further. Winning on a race/ethnicity issue reeks of lefty tactics. I don’t care whether she has Cherokee ancestry or not, and after reviewing the Cherokee website today (May 5, 2012) it doesn’t appear to have much traction there either.

Recently, I find myself fighting against some of the people whose side I am on…conservatives. There’s no need for this on a national level, though it could be a useful political tool in the local Massachusetts race.  Winning- the battle and losing the war is not the best way to win.  Beat Warren fair and square on the issues!

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