Obama Re-Election Team: Shock and Awe Attack on Tea Party

Lloyd Marcus at a Tea Party rally
Lloyd Marcus, a favorite Tea Party member throws water on the racial wedge that prevails in today’s political rhetoric. He writes for American Thinker, a conservative and edgy web site.  Democrats, by and large do not look kindly on conservative minorities because they don’t tow the line on how they’ve been defined by the hard left.

It doesn’t seem to bother Marcus.

Last year, black Democratic Rep. Andre Carson said the Tea Party movement would “love” to see black Americans “hanging on a tree.”  Folks, as a black man who has spoken and sang at over 300 Tea Parties on five previous national tours, I say Carson’s statement is insane and evil.  I can still smell the vile, putrid odor of the pus of racial hatred oozing from the lips of Carson while telling his absurd, divisive lie.  How dare this small, despicable man intentionally create hate against millions of white Americans for political gain?


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