When Bush returns to the WH

Former President G W Bush will visit the White House for the unveiling of his official portrait. He and Laura Bush will be guests of the WH during their stay.

What most people are thinking about is not the unveiling of the portrait, but the hospitality they will receive by a President who has been named the blame for virtually everything that has happened before Obama.

How will GW Bush be received by Obama? Will they share a beer or shoot hoops? Or will they play a round of golf?

None of those things will likely happen during their stay. However, Obama is required by protocol to behave like a Statesman. (at least in public)  Much of what is said in political rhetoric can be understood for what it is…rhetoric. Still, one has to wonder what they will talk about and avoid talking about.

If I was former President Bush, I might ask, if Obama had added anything to my presidential biography. But, recent reports didn’t indicate my bio was changed, so I might not bring it up at all. Laura would know if he had.

I might ask him where he got those fantasy figures showing he was not a big spender, but he would probably refer me to WaPo and Eugene Robinson who is still reporting the debunked story.

Pets are always a good subject, unless your name is Mitt Romney. I like dogs, so I might mention my dog and ask him how he likes his dog –but no, I’d better not go there.

Reading is always a good subject. I’d tell him I read the book about him titled Amateur and was looking forward to reading about his school and choom days as detailed in the new book Barack Obama the Story by David Maraniss coming out in June. –no that’s not a safe subject.

There doesn’t seem to be much polite conversation to be had with him.

If I was President Bush, I think I’d stay in my room praying the time would go quickly so I could get the heck outta there!


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