US Ambassador killed in Libya on 9-11

As violence escalates in the Middle East both Romney and Obama weigh in on the killing of a US Ambassador.

CNN Political Ticker

Washington (CNN) — Attacks on U.S. diplomatic posts in Libya and Cairo sparked a sharp exchange of political attacks Wednesday, as Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama’s administration of sending “mixed signals” on American values, and Obama painted his rival as crudely inserting politics where they don’t belong.

“I think President Obama has demonstrated a lack of clarity as to a foreign policy,” Romney said in Jacksonville, Florida, continuing a line of criticism his campaign began late Tuesday, when it issued a statement that labeled the U.S. response to attacks on the American embassy in Cairo as “disgraceful.”

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One comment on “US Ambassador killed in Libya on 9-11

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    Update: The uprising in the Middle East is escalating according to more reports 7 countries are mounting protests against the United States. Word is Obama sent greetings to Egypt before the protesters tried to burn the American flag and before the US Ambassador to Libya was killed. Investigations are ongoing to determine if these attacks were coordinated.

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